Our Fees

One of the most common questions asked is how much an accounting and tax service costs a business. The answer is not as simple as it might seem.

If accounting is not your strength, you should definitely consider investing in a professional team of experts. Being miserable in a part of your business can affect your ability to lead employees, serve customers, and in making efficient decisions. The less time you spend on taxes and bookkeeping, the more time you gain to grow your business.  A top bookkeeping service like ours will help ensure your business is compliant with tax law and ASIC. Additionally, up-to-date accountancy will also allow you to seek new opportunities and help you monitor and react to changes.

The cost of an accounting and tax service can vary depending on the size, industry, and current methods being used on the business.

The fees are based on many different factors. These factors include the scope of the task, how much the client contributes himself, the time spent, and more. Usually, a professional has a fixed hourly for an assignment, or you may even be given an estimate of how much time they expect to spend on the given task. Since bookkeeping tasks are less involved, their rates are usually cheaper than accountants.

If you are a small business, it’s important to note that the more services you add and the harder the tasks get, the average monthly fee will rise.

The more presentable you submit your accounts in a readily usable and efficient format, the quicker the task will take to complete, and the more cost-effective it is for you. For the client’s benefit, all the information must be included to try to minimize the time and cost.

We believe in having a transparent relationship with our customers. In order to give you a realistic quote, we will first completely access your financial records, tax records, and computer systems. We believe that each client is unique, and we want to make sure we understand your business’s requirements and needs before offering you the correct tax and accounting services. Before you choose to work with us, our CPA will provide you a final fee assessment. We will clearly state to you what services are included in the fees, and there will be no hidden fees. Once you’ve revised our proposal, you will always have the option to adjust the plan to meet your budget and needs.

By agreeing to our annual fees with automatic payments, you stand to gain from a higher level of service from us at no extra cost. To meet your expectations, we have built a pricing model that brings additional value while also keeping our service costs below the average for the industry. We are a proactive team that ensures that the value we bring to you exceeds the fees that you pay.